Matza would not exist without the generous support of institutions, foundations and partners, to whom we offer our thanks.


City of Geneva
Artpro – Canton of Valais
Swiss Embassy in Tunis
Loterie Romande
Republic and Canton of Geneva
Fondation Uesine
Fondation Matanel
Anonymous private foundation in Geneva
SIG Services Industriels de Genève
Maghrebia Insurance
Concorde Hotels & Resorts
Business & Decision
Albert Okura, San Bernardino


City of Geneva
Republic and Canton of Geneva
Loterie Romande
Pro Helvetia, Swiss cultural foundation
Swissnex San Francisco
Leenards Foundation
Meyrin Casino Foundation
Swiss Consulate General, Los Angeles
Anonymous private foundation in Geneva
Albert Okura, San Bernardino
SMART, Sustainable Mountain Art

MATZA thanks the following institutions for their collaboration and partnership:

Federal Polytechnic of Lausanne (EPFL), Lausanne
Geneva School of Art and Design (HEAD – Geneva)
Arizona State University, Phoenix
The National Bardo Museum, Tunis
Ressource Urbaines (RU), Geneva
The Ferme Asile, Sion

as well as all the individuals and friends who have contributed in ways big and small to the development of MATZA.

Madeleine Amsler, Benoit Antille, Ariane Arlotti, Tom Battin, Amina Bouzguenda Zeghal, Thierry Debons, Céline Eidenbenz, Adrian Fernandez, Lotfi Hamadi, David Gaillard, Vincent Gonet, Anne-Marie Graf, Katharina Hohmann, Jean-François Lichtenstern, Elisabeth Logean, David Martin, Jérome Massard, Véronique Mauron, Guillaume Massard, Joelle Mathey, Laurent Matthey, Véronique Mauron, Albert Okura, Luca Pattaroni, Jenny Piaget, Carole Rigaut, Matthias Solenthaler, Kim Stringfellow, Aurora Tang, Barbara Tirone, Marie Velardi, Adam Wyden et Anja Wyden Guelpa, Slim Zeghal.

Matzaproduction Association

President : Elisabeth Logean
Secretary : Vincent Gonet
Treasurer : Thierry Debons
Artistic and Administrative Director: Séverin Guelpa
Assistant: Adrian Fernandez