RADICAL BIOTOPE is a presentation summarizing the projects created by the artists and scientists invited by Séverin Guelpa during the different MATZA initiatives over the last three years. By tackling local problems such as the lack of water in California, the melting of glaciers in the Swiss Alps or the depletion of fish in the Mediterranean Sea by Tunisia, MATZA seeks to initiate new ways of understanding the world around us. The knowledge generated by the participants, who share their skills, in turn generates potential responses to the challenges we face in the broadest sense, be they ecological, social or political.

During the event, MATZA’s director, Séverin Guelpa, will speak about the projects that have emerged from MATZA, their link with global ecologies, water issues, climate change, reinventing social systems.

Victoria Vesna will explain how the UCLA Art|Sci Center has addressed these global issues, particularly through the recent exhibition Feminist Climate Change, at Ars Electronica 2017.