The desert…

On the occasion of the (almost) 10th anniversary of his MATZA project, Séverin Guelpa looks back on the experiments carried out in the Mojave Desert in the USA, on the glaciers of the Alps and on various building sites in Swiss cities. A reflection in images on the reasons for such a project, and the desire to experiment with a different relationship to nature and its resources in a world where the complexity of today’s challenges necessarily requires collective responses.

With texts by Séverin Guelpa and Mathilde Chenin, Bill Fox, Marc Frochaux, Marco Janssen, Olivier Kaeser, Simon Lamunière and Dorothea Strauss.

The book will be publicly launched in 2024 at the following events:

TB80space, Singapore: January 19th. 2024, 7 pm
Maison de l’architecture, Geneva: March 14th. 2024
Swissnex, San Francisco: April 11th. 2024
Swiss Institute, Roma: April 23th. 2024